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What’s Patreon? And How Can You Become A Patron?

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Patreon is a platform through which you the fan can become an active, crucial participant in the creative work that you love and wish to help further — by offering a monthly financial sponsorship at varying levels.

Different levels unlock access to exclusive content (soundcheck videos, lead sheets, video shout-outs, your name in the THANK YOU credits of livestreams, etc.) that provides an insight into the creative process. Sponsorships like these allow the artist to focus on the art rather than the business of music, so that they have the freedom to do their best work for you.

In Otmaro’s case, this means expanded production of the wonderful “SHOW ME THAT! Series” of live streams, the “MOVIES & SOUNDS Series” and more. Please Click Here to become a sponsor at any level today.

Thank You in advance for your support.

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