“He is one of my favorite musicians. Besides being a great composer, arranger, Otmaro can also play all styles and any genre on both keyboards and acoustic piano. BTW, we all have a special gift and OT has a very unique and wonderful one. He recorded on several of my CDs and always will be my first call.”
ALEX ACUÑA (Drum legend / Member of Weather Report)

“Otmaro is one of the greatest keyboardists I ever played with. His astonishing abilities and the musical ear that guides them puts him into the top levels of “rarified” musical talent. He is terrific!”
JEFF BERLIN (Bassist extraordinaire)

“February 1988, I was staying in LA for my recording. One night I visited some club in Ventura Blvd to see the show of Dori Caymmi. The music was wonderful and I was so attracted by the playing of the keyboard player. All the notes he played were so rich musically and hit the strings of my heart. After the show, I went straight to the back stage and said to the guy “You are so wonderful” The guy was Otmaro. Since then, he has been my “first call”. It is truly wonderful experience to make music with him. He is different. He has something very special. I truly think so.”
AKIRA JIMBO (Drummer extraordinaire / Co-founder of Casiopea)

“Jazz with rich harmonic content, sophisticated melodic material and exciting improvisation… but filled with emotion, images and stories… we might have arrived to yet another music category… Otmaro’s work is “Cinematic Jazz”..
JACQUES BRAUNSTEIN (Venezuelan / International Jazz Radio Personality) 

I first heard about Otmaro when he was a rising star (a young buck full of piss and vinegar) I was immediately impressed by his musical sense and embarrassing wealth of skills. After almost 14 years, I believe Ot has accomplished what only serious and uncompromising artists do, and that is, settle the ongoing argument between sound and space, hammering out notes from places in the heart. Self-possession in lieu of self-indulgence. One of my favorite pianists.
My constant respect and admiration.
GINO VANNELLI (Pop-Rock-Jazz Legend)

On one opportunity, I took Leny Andrade to listen to Otmaro playing solo piano. Otmaro played “Stella by Starlight”. When he finished, Leny look at me very surprised and pleased. Otmaro continued with “Body and Soul”. Leny smiled and squeezed my hand. Otmaro siguio con “Autumm Leaves”. Leny held her head between her hands. And so the jazz recital continued until Otmaro, as a finale, started dealing with a Venezuelan piece. When he concluded, Leny told me: “YES!!!”… she stood up, applauded until exhaustion while yelling BRAVO!!!, BRAVO!!!, and when Otmaro approached our table, she hugged him and kissed him. She would just not release him!!! Otmaro gave us a lesson: “Talk about your people and you shall reach universality”
CHUCHITO SANOJA (Venezuelan Composer)

“Otmaro, playing the piano is one of those rare musical gems that combines exquisite taste with prodigal technical abilities. He is jazz, he is latin, he is humorous… and he is damn good at all of them.”
ILAN CHESTER (Venezuelan Pop Celebrity)

“Few years back, just before a major tour of Europe and the US, I lost my keyboard player to Wayne Shorter.
I had heard about Otmaro, but never heard his music, so my call to him to bail me out was’ grasping at the unknown’ except for high recommendation. He came in and already by the middle of the first rehearsal, we had forgotten the name of my original keyboard player! …What more can I say ?! Otmaro is genial ! ”
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN (Jazz Guitar Legend)

“Otmaro is a singularly fascinating artist in his beautiful technique and unbridled passion at the piano. His devotion to music and his generosity have inspired me each time we play. I have never known a pianist like him. He has enormous experience as an arranger, composer and ensemble leader and yet is willing to collaborate in an egoless way that I find profound and inspiring. What a great and amazing soul he is.”
Rhiannon (Master Vocalist / Actress / Improviser)

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